The following API calls do not yet exist, but would be excellent next functions to implement


A collection of cells. Constructor creates an empty population.

Population.filterCells(filters : ListOf(PairOf(unboundMethod, methodArgument))) : Population

Allows for groups of cells to be created based on shared properties including neurotransmitter, anatomical location or region, cell type.


p = Worm.cells()
p1 = p.filterCells([(Cell.lineageName, "AB")]) # A population of cells with AB as the blast cell


A utility for generating NeuroML files from other objects. The semantics described above do not apply here.

NeuroML.generate(object : {Network, Neuron, IonChannel}, type : {0,1,2}) : neuroml.NeuroMLDocument

Get a NeuroML object that represents the given object. The type determines what content is included in the NeuroML object:

  • 0=full morphology+biophysics
  • 1=cell body only+biophysics
  • 2=full morphology only

NeuroML.write(document : neuroml.NeuroMLDocument, filename : String)

Write out a NeuroMLDocument